Storm Damage Photo Gallery

a burst pipe

Storms come, cold hits, pipes burst, SERVPRO is here to help

Midwest winters are notoriously unpredictable. While this last winter was strangely warmer than normal, we have had, in recent years, many frozen pipe breaks due to winter storms followed immediately by rapidly rising temperatures. When pipes burst we are there to help!

So give us a call today! We are faster to any disaster and we are here to help make things "Like it never even happened."

office area with water accumulating on the floor from a heavy rain.

When Heavy Rains Come Indoors

With all the upcoming rainy season, there will be hundreds of basement water damages throughout Indiana. When it comes to Steuben, Dekalb and Lagrange, we are here to help you through! 

If rains make an unwelcome appearance in your home, give us a call! We are faster to any disaster and we are here to make things "Like it never even happened."

Triad Air Mover

This is on of many air movers we have. The Triad unit helps us to do multiple drying techniques such as, floating carpet, drying horizontally or vertically, as well as daisy chaining the air movers together with limited outlets available.

Each water damage is unique and we have all the resources available to help!

Cam Pro Air Mover

The Cam Pro Airmover draws low amps and it features multiple operating positions. Often times we need to get airflow a little higher than the usual ground level. This airmover works great for that as we can tilt it in the direction we need it 

Velo Air Mover

This Velo Airmover produces a high rate of airflow to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from materials for restorative drying. 

Airflow and dehumidification are imperative to the drying process of a structure. 

We have all the equipment needed to help you and your storm damage needs!

Revolution LGR Dehumidifier

The Revolution LGR Dehumidifier  reduces humidity in enclosed environments by removing water vapor in the air. 

 This dehumidifier uses a fan to draw moist air in and condenses it into water that collects in a tray and automatically pumps it out through a drain hose. 

 This small compact dehumidifier works great in small tight spaces such as a crawlspace.